Rwandans in ‘Three Days of Prayer and Fasting’ amid Coronavirus outbreak

Letter of the Peace Plan Rwanda to Rwandans

The Peace Plan Rwanda has issued a letter calling on all Rwandans to join in three days of prayer and fasting as Coronavirus cases continue to rise across the world.

The statement that was signed by Anglican Archbishop Laurent Mbanda, the Peace Plan Rwanda Spokesperson, encourages all Rwandan believers to stand together in one Spirit as members of the Church of Christ in Rwanda and pray for an end of Coronavirus pandemic.

The prayer is scheduled to take place from 4-6 April and it will be held in homes in line with government’s instructions to stay at home.

In the letter, Christians are called on to take time and continue to pray for the nation in these hard times, respect all regulations issued by the government to combat and prevent the spread of COVID-19 mainly by staying at home, washing their hands often, take the lead in helping the underprivileged affected by the effects by these hard times, feeding the hungry as well as providing them with other basic necessities in partnership with the government.

Uganda and Kenya were the first East African countries to conduct national prayers for an end to the coronavirus pandemic.

The document states that this is a strange period in history of the world and our country .The church of Christ is called to stand for her call to pray for the country.

It also states some Biblical verses where Children of God called their father in hard times and answered their prayers. For instance Esther 4:10, Ephesians 4:4-6, John 17:21,23, Isaiah 58:6-7 among other verses.

Prayer tips  

1.     Worship God in the name of Jesus Christ, the name above all authority and power

2.     The Bible urges us to turn from our evil ways.

3.     Pray for the leaders of the country that God will continue to bless them with wisdom and discernment to take the right steps.

4.     Pray for the victims of COVID-19 to be cured and May God provide treatment for the pandemic.

5.     Pray for Doctors and other healthcare providers for COVID-19 Patients.

6.     Ask God to lead us in comforting and strengthening one another in such times and during the times we are approaching to mark the 26th commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

7.       Pray for the resources to continue to support needy families.

8.     Ask God to help us overcome the spirit extreme fear and its aftermath

9.     Ask the Holy Spirit to convince Rwandans to live the lives that please God and even after this pandemic.

10.  Pray for the world, especially for countries that have been plagued by the pandemic and families who lost their loved ones.