Canada-based Willy Gakunzi drops a video song

As the world faces hard times due to COVID-19 and everyone is wondering the solution despite tough measures in place to curb the pandemic outbreak, gospel artist Willy M. Gakunzi has recently released a song carries a message that comforts depressed hearts.   

The video song titled, “Under Your Wings” is written in Kinyarwanda with English lyrics.

The artist’s intro expresses his heart’s desire to stay in God’s presence so as to always hear and sense the incredible voice declaring that he is a child of God.

According to Gakunzi, the song is a prayer of his heart.

Gakunzi described God to be the source of his peace, hope and rescue, and his prayer request is to ask God to never leave him alone.

He continues proclaiming that he possesses a wonderful place in God’s heart where his heart finds rest.

No doubts that the song comes in the right time to remind people that God provides what the world can’t.

It happens that difficult times threaten people and lose their hope but the artist’s prayer is to stay in God’s protection.


Gakunzi explained that he started composing the song in 2000 when he was a student and completed it in 2017. He wrote the song in two phases.

“One evening during my devotional time as I was meditating on Psalms 91, I felt a melody whispering in my heart. That was the debut of my composition. It was so powerful that it became my heart’s daily prayer since then,” he narrated.

The second part of the song which is its chorus was added as result of his family worship time in 2017.

He noted, “As we were praying, Estelle (his late wife) sung the melody and lyrics started flowing. She wrote it down and it was put to shelf as a new song.”

Gakunzi’s wife died in 2018. After her death, God put an instruction into Gakunzi’s heart to complete the project they had started together.

“Under Your Wing” is the second song in a series of many more in the artist’s plan.

God’s inspiration

For Gakunzi, the song came as an inspiration from God since has never thought of releasing the song by himself.

“I have never thought that one day I will release a song by myself. I did not know that this song will come out after my partner has passed on. Later, I have realized that all was God’s plan. God had known what would happen after years,”

A prayer for all

“I don’t know what you might be going through as you listen to my song. Neither do I know what exactly God will do. Hopefully, I can guarantee you one thing that ‘under His wings there is a peace for your heart.’’

I pray that this song may encourage, bless and build you up.