Pictures: James and Daniella reveal 3 main purposes of Mpa Amavuta concert

  • To launch debut album and live recording
  • To Present a heart of worship
  • To inspire families (couples).

While Gospel concert goers are thirsty for a highly anticipated show dubbed, “Mpa Amavuta”, the organisers-James and Daniella have revealed that the show has three main purposes: to launch their debut album composed of eight songs, present the heart of worship as well as inspiring families especially husbands and wives.

This was said during a press briefing held on Wednesday at Kigali Arena, the same venue of the show due to take place this Sunday. The doors will be open from 2:00 pm.

The organisers have said that the preparations of the show are going well including ticket selling, and rehearsals.

According to James Rugarama, the show is an opportunity for them to worship with Rwandans who have been following them on social media and in media.

The Duo’s products have been thriving in Rwanda and neighboring countries especially Mpa Amavuta and Nkoresha. James and Daniella were recently recognized as best upcoming gospel worshippers during the Maranatha Awards 2019.

Also, their debut song Mpa Amavuta has generated over 1 million views in just 6 months since it was on YouTube Channel.

The show will also feature performances by some of the top gospel music couples such as, Dorcas and Papy Clever, Maya and Fabrice, Chance and Ben, as well as Amanda and Kavutse.

Among other artists include Prosper Nkomezi,Rene Patrick,Esron Ndayisenga, Gabby Kamanzi and True Promises Ministries.

What other artists say about the show

According to Ben Serugo, James and Daniella are a blessing to Rwanda and entire region.He said that his family will do whatever they can so that James and Daniella’s potential should benefit Rwandans and friends.

Fabrice Nzeyimana noted that the couple’s products inspire not only Rwandans but many people in the region, adding that it is a blessing to see a couple sharing the same calling and talent.

Kavutse promised the audience to enjoy the 2020 innovations, encouraging everyone to support the show since it is all about working for the Kingdom of God.

Nkomezi and Papi also promised the attendees a special show than ever.