Adventist choir ‘Way of Hope’ on the journey to inspire youth, spread good news

Within seven years on the stage, a group of born-again ladies and gentlemen from Remera based Seventh Day Adventist Church has been impacting spiritual lives of the community through gospel songs.

That is a choir named the Way of Hope. It started in 2012 bringing together young talented musicians whose vision is to spread the good news about Jesus Christ. The team has been ministering in different parts of the country on the invitations of their counterparts.

The Gospel Time Rwanda has caught up with the choir’s president to share more about the team including birth, experience and future plans in Rwandan Gospel scene.

Tell us about the Way of Hope choir?

The Way of Hope choir is a group of young people from the Seventh Day Adventist Church- Remera. It was formed some years ago as result of two different teams merged together. Previously, there were Hope Singers choir composed of men only while the other called Way to Heaven were for ladies. The two choirs then officially merged to become one stronger team in 2012.

How many members in the choir?

Currently, we have 45 members in general though only 35 are in the country and other 10 are abroad for studies.

How many songs have you composed so far?

We have roughly 100 songs. Two audio and video albums.

What do you deliver in your songs?

Our main mission is to spread good news about Jesus Christ focusing on the second coming. As a team made of young people we hope that we shall bring impact in the community especially among our young fellows.

What about your composition?

There is a coordination team that oversees all activities regarding music including composing songs, bands, and rehearsals among others.

Anyone could get an inspiration and compose a song and then work in hand with coordination team to improve it.

Besides singing, what else do you do?

We have established an initiative dubbed, “Youth for Christ” to empower, inspire and mentor students in different schools on decision making in their daily lives.

During the visit to their schools, we perform some of our songs as well as sharing inspiring testimonies. Furthermore, we comfort the sick in different neighborhoods.

How easier is it for you to release songs?

Actually, we were fortunate enough because among us we have our own producer and videographer. No more difficulties except the issue of owning a studio. This is reasonable because most of our members are still students. Thus, it is a challenge for raising funds to afford all our necessities. We really recognise our parents’ support towards our development. They have been playing a vital role to help us be where we are today.

What are some of the challenges you have faced so far?

Obviously, challenges never miss especially in upcoming team and yet composed of students. We actually acted during holidays and sometimes some of our colleagues perform when they did not turn up for practice. All would affect our performances.

What are your aspirations?

We strive for reaching unreached communities. We have to spread the word of God everywhere we can. We also look for neighboring communities in the region that’s why our songs are in other languages. We have ministered in Tanzania and we performed our songs in the language they could understand, we received congratulatory feedbacks on our performance.

As I conclude, I take this opportunity to inform the public about our upcoming concert scheduled to take place November 24. We invite everyone especially young generation.