VIDEO-Exclusive: Bishop Benjamin Dube talks about his personal story, family, and what he has sacrificed to follow The Lord

South African worship leader, song writer and Bishop Benjamin Dube last week in an exclusive interview talked about his story, as he grew up to become a minister of the Gospel through music and the Word.

Dube has about 33 years in ministry, has recorded 21 albums, and has won a number of awards.

Here are some of the excerpts of the interview. For the full interview, watch the video.

About his personal story:

Pastor Benjamin Dube is the last born in the Dube family, his mum Grace Dube is a pastor, his father passed away in 1976 and he was an evangelist in assemblies of God.  Dube actually grew up in a Christian family and at the same time in a musical family. He did all his elementary school and then went to music school for two years.Dube became a pastor in 1994.

About what worship is:

Worship is obedience. Worship is laying prostrate before God and saying not my will but your will be done. Even before you sing you must have that characteristic or attribute in your life of a worshiper because a worshiper is somebody who actually gives in to another’s will, you don’t do your will but you do the will of another.

So, as you sing, you uphold him more than you actually uphold your name or yourself. You bow before Him, you actually give homage to Him. That is worship.

On what is the relationship between music and worship:

Music is just a vehicle of worship. Because worship can actually be helping the needy, you serve another person. In other words, you are doing it unto the glory of God. Even before you can sing, you can worship God.