PICTURES: Benjamin Dube excites Rwandans in a historic concert

South African gospel celebrity Benjamin Dube put up an amazing performance yesterday night at the Intare Conference Arena in Kigali.

The gospel artiste was in Rwanda for the first time on invitation by True Promises Ministries in a “True worship concert.”

The show started with a good time of prayer led by Shekinah group, after which the group calmly kicked off the music with a good taste of worship that had people stand and speak to the Lord through songs like Ntabe ari Twebwe, and Nalekelemo. The show was successfully attended.

Alarm Ministries went to stage next, belting out Yahozeho, Shira ubwoba, Hashimwe izina rya Yesu and Nzakomeza Nkwizere leading the audience to a time of praise.

Around 5:20 pm, the long awaited hour came when True Promises, the host of the show came to stage.

Smartly dressed in cream and black, the team looked ready to set the evening to a more good music.

Starting with “this is how we praise”, a fast paced track studded with a brisk instrumental, the choir put up a vigorous performance, but the audience did not seem to be actively participating at the start though they were on their legs, perhaps expectant for more that was to come.


Later, Evangelist James Huduma preached about “true worship” as a theme of the concert.

“We can only worship God when we have the same spirit with whom we worship. The Bible says that God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit.”

The preacher reminded the audience that worship is not about talent, nor experience; but about being in the same spirit with God.

Huduma also highlighted that the significance of obedience and faith on our quest of desiring to Worship God.

“People worship what they give most value to,” he noted.


True Promises resumed their performance and went for slow songs. The audience was getting involved as the evening started to turn into a better worship time belting out songs like Wadushyize Ahakwiriye.

The choir also gave a time of English songs like You are faithful, and Jesus-You are the best thing that happened to me.

More was to come with Tuzamuye amajwi, Watubereye Ibyiringiro among others before Bishop Dube took the stage.

Dube on stage

The guest was received with enthusiasm and meanwhile the audience was grabbing their phones to take pictures and shouting to usher him to stage.

Dube was given time to introduce himself. He shared his story of being orphaned when he was still young and how God has led him to victory in life and ministry.

The artiste then took the microphone and proved to be the king of high notes as he sang joyful noise, In your presence, Where you lead, He keeps on Doing, Thelu’moya, among others.

It was a vigorous and passionate performance from the minister who has been doing the job for about thirty three years.

He also performed Yiwo Lawa, Ketshepile Wena and Jehovah is your name and through it all, songs that talk about God taking care of his people until he featured True Promises to perform Mana Urera.

Bishop Dube didn’t just sing, but he also educated the congregation on how to serve God.

The show ended around 9:40 pm.