Gospel conference brings academia, businessmen and preachers on same table

Arguably the biggest gospel annual gathering in Rwanda, Africa ‘Haguruka’ is happening for the 20th time around bringing together academia, businessmen, and preachers from different African countries, as well as delegates from the United States of America and Asia.

Organised by Authentic Word Ministries, the weeklong summit (also known as Africa Arise and Shine Conference) is taking place in Kigali from the 4th to 11th of August with the main purpose of raising awareness and sensitizing the African people to understand God’s plan for the continent and respond accordingly.

This year’s edition will feature prominent speakers like Professor Vincent Anigbogu, an analytical chemist, leaders’ trainer and founder of the Institute for National Transformation (INT), a leadership institute with branches in over 5 countries all over the world.

Among others is Clint Ross, a South African pastor, businessman and civil engineer with over 20 years in leadership; and Uganda Dr. James Magara, the board chairman of Uganda Heart Institute.

Since its inception in 2000, Africa Haguruka has attracted prominent preachers among whom American gospel minister Dr. Bill Winston who is the pastor of Living Word Christian Centre.

The conference consists of daytime seminars for leaders, teachers, and pastors holding talks about the seven spheres of influence among which are leadership and governance, education, arts & entertainment, media, economy, family, and religion.

It will also hold revival rallies for worship, prayer and preaching in the late evening which are open to the general public.

Dr. Paul Gitwaza, the senior pastor of Zion Temple and the vision bearer of the conference, described the conference as an event that has “impacted lives of many people.”

Dr. Gitwaza is in the country, and he will conduct the coordination of the conference. For a period of about 5 months, he has not been in the country since he had gone for missionary work – according to information from his church.

Across different nations, different gospel conferences are delivering top-notch information and inspiration to God’s people. Christians are getting more intense Bible teaching, worship, and prayer.

Today’s Christian conferences are designed to help Christians focus on their area of ministry, provide encouragement, and sharpen one’s skills tools for ministry. There are Christian conferences for mothers, fathers, women, men, Sunday school teachers, families, new Christians, old Christians, and medium Christians.