Potter’s Hand celebrates seven years of ministry

Potter’s Hand Ministries has celebrated seven years since it was established.

Birthed in 2012, the ministry is the body covering the Potter’s Hand Church based in Kicukiro.

The ministry is grounded on the vision of “seeing broken lives and destinies restored, transformed and shaped to fulfill God’s purposes” based on Jeremiah 18:1-6.

According to the founders, the vision is fulfilled through preaching of the Gospel (Evangelism & Missions), building God’s family (Fellowship), educating/maturing believers (Discipleship), Loving and caring for the hurting (Ministry) as a way of fulfilling God’s purpose (Worship) starting from Rwanda to the rest of the World.

Led Jimmy Muyango as a pastor and other church deacons, seven years down the road the church has been carrying out ministry among which; it has evangelized to street children and some of them have been taken back to school and re-integrated in families in Kagugu community. The ministry has also sent and supported missionaries in 2 unreached communities; it has preached the Gospel in communities through Home fellowships, and supported poor families in Kagugu community.

The ministry has also assisted children with mental disability in Gahanga; offered health insurance to needy families in Gatenga; and supported needy families in Niboye and Gahanga.

Church members have been taken through a discipleship pathway that is structured in Bible study and bible reading in small groups, Relevant teachings for men, Teachings for married couples through series on “marriage oneness,” and Teachings for the kids, teens, and Youth.

The ministry also released a worship album called “Ishimwe ni iryawe,” comprising a number of songs that have great words of praising The Lord.

The church holds mid-week and Sunday worship services, members have been trained to live lives that honor God through all they do hence worship God through their way of worship.