Prosper Nkomezi, a young – yet robust Gospel music minister is set to launch his first ever album on 7th July, and the show will feature some other exciting gospel musicians.

Simon Kabera and Alarm Ministries are some of the worshipers that are expected to sing on the show that will be held at Serena Hotel tents.

Nkomezi is known for songs like Sinzahwema, Humura, Ibasha Gukora, Singitinya, Nzayivuga among others.

In an interview with The Gospel Time, Vincent Ingabire who is one of the people on the organising team of the concert said that the preparations are far since the concert is remaining with only two weeks and a half,

“The preparations are far. We are remaining with about two weeks and a half. The practices are also going on.”

Ticket prices are expected to range from 15,000RWF, 10,000RWF, to 5,000RWF.