Where Is Your Ring- Caleb Uwagaba

Editor’s note: Since last week, the so called “Wedding Ring” challenge has created a debate among social media users. This followed testimonials by social media users under which the publisher,Uwagaba, asked the married couples where they had put their wedding rings since they no longer appear on their fingers. Titled, ‘where is your ring’ the script has created the debate until now. Many feel a ring symbolizes a never-ending circle of eternal love. Though they had doubts about their use.

The writer is Joseph Uwagaba Caleb. He married Sabine Mucyo who died after seven months of their marriage. Mucyo died on October 4th, 2018.Uwagaba holds a bachelor’s degree in Emergency and Disaster Management, a diploma certificate in Theology and a master’s degree in arts and Development.He organises and manages seminar, concert, and charity initiative events. Uwagaba is a Christian of Bethesda Holy Church. Moreover, he writes devotions, motivation articles, and gospel songs.

After the death of his wife, Uwagaba’s wedding ring still appear on his finger. Below is a recent publication after he had spent a couple of days thinking about the importance of “a wedding ring” in harmonizing a peaceful relationship between married couples.The article reflects the author’s opinions and not necessarily the views of The Gospel Time Rwanda 

Where is your Ring?

When the camels had finished drinking, the man took a gold ring weighing a half shekel, and two bracelets for her arms weighing ten gold shekels. Genesis 24:22

I spent a couple of days trying to understand in my heart the word “Ring”. Normally, a ring is a sign of promise that one makes with another or for certain responsibilities, like leadership, a gift, among others. For me, I want to talk about the ring reserved for married couples.

These days, wearing a ring is taken for granted by married people and when you ask them the reason, some say “it no longer fits me, it squeezes me, or normally I don’t like it, among other explanations…….

But when I think about the energy spent to decide the right person to give a ring, I get surprised! Do you ever remember the millions you spent to make your wedding colorful and for you to put a ring on her finger? A ring not fitting you is really a case!?

Reluctantly, I went to work without my ring, but I was uncomfortable the whole day. I felt I was naked. Thus, let me ask those who no longer wear their rings, “where is your ring?”

In some countries when a couple breaks up, the first thing a wife does is give back the ring to the husband meaning the end of their relationship. For you no longer wear your ring, is your relationship with partner still alive?

What differs a single and married person?

Recently, I met my old friend. Finding me wearing a ring, he became so excited and wowed. He asked, “When did you marry, how is your wife.” I immediately realized that that he had no idea about what happened to me, and I replied “she is fine!”

Believe it or not, no clear reason your ring should be taken off. You should bear in mind the reason why you wore your ring and the crowds that witnessed your marriage.


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