By Samuel Mujyanama

Gospel music choir, Ukuboko Kwiburyo has released a new song reminding people of God’s mercy amid the difficult times of the commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi.

The song titled, “Umunyembabazi” (Meaning Merciful) conveys a special message of repentance to God, calling for forgiveness from Him who is Merciful and willing to forgive.

It gives a message to the people that God is merciful and when you accept him, he sets you free from sins.

Kwizera Seth, the president of the choir said that Rwandans should remember their bonds, rather than setting envy and hate in their hearts.

“Rwandans did not behave well which resulted into Genocide against Tutsi in 1994. Our God can forgive us and give us unity. We should take care of our unity, our love.” He said.

Putting focus on the message of this song “Umunyembabazi”, he added that they wanted to tell the genocide perpetrators to ask for an apology to the survivors.

“This song has the purpose of teaching people the culture of asking for forgiveness. It is the sensitization to the genocide perpetrators to accept their guilt and confess, as a key for unity building. It tells the people to care on what unifies us rather than what separates us.” He adds

Ukuboko kw’iburyo choir has different songs including, Ikidendezi, Ibyiringiro by’ubuzima, ‘and Imitima yacu. The choir started evangelism in 1989 while they were in Sunday school.  In 1998, they started composing their own songs. Their name, “Ukuboko kw’Iburyo” has its meaning in Psalms 118:15-17). It has 120 members and 5000 friends from different countries.