Misigaro speaks out on his tour in Rwanda and future plans

Gospel musician Gentil Misigaro seems ready to take the ministry to another level.

The Canada based artiste did his first ever tour in Rwanda about a month ago, where he enjoyed massive turn up at the Kigali Exhibition and Conference Village, which was among the places where he performed.

Since then, he has embarked on recording his second album, an effort that he hopes to accomplish before he flies out to Canada next week.

So far, he has recorded a total of four songs, out of the eight that will comprise the full album.

Being a producer himself, the artiste is co producing the songs alongside producer Bruce, who runs a recording studio in Kibagabaga.

He says he has not yet chosen a name for the album. “Iyombimenya,” one of the tracks featuring on it  has a message of reminding people about being grateful to God,

“Iyombimenya (if I had known) is a song that reminds people to be grateful to God and not complain a lot. In human nature we seem to spend a lot of time complaining or crying than we spend thanking God for the goodness and the great things he does for us,” he said.

“Sometimes we wait for him to do great things like saving us from accidents, or healing us of diseases so that we thank him, little do we recognise that he is working everyday, protecting us from dangers and the devil. If he had left us for the devil, we wouldn’t have been here. The world would be in chaos. But he is always sorrounding us with his angels. We can see them with our spiritual eyes, not physical,” he added.

The other three songs are Nta rindi zina (no other name), a collabo he did with Serge Iyamuremye, Mfite impamvu ibihumbi, and a translation of his famous Biratungana worship song into Luganda.

Speaking about the tour he had in Rwanda, Misigaro said it was “really amazing,”

“It went beyond expectations, I didn’t expect that big turn up. I visited a few mega churches here and social meetings and people knew the songs, even  those I hadn’t expected them to know,” he said.

“The love the people showed me was really amazing, and the support from musicians,” he added.

Misigaro said he is now focusing on more.  “I am going back, but the plan is not to stop,” he noted.

He says that the tour stirred more passion and motivated him to do more. So, when he has his new album done this year, he hopes to tour Europe in summer, and Australia at the end of the year, before he comes back next year for a tour both in Rwanda and some neighboring countries.