Billy Irakoze in youth in praise live concert

Rwandan worship leader and recording gospel artist Billy Irakoze is set to stage a live praise concert, “Youth in praise.”

Organised by his new management team, Moriah Entertainment Group, which he joined recently, the event will take place at Kigali convention centre on 30th March 2019 (this Saturday)

The concert is expected to start at 6pm and end at 9pm, it will feature performances from Gaby Kamanzi, Aline Gahongaire and Alarm Ministries, according to organisers.

Before the concert, the Irakoze team, and other Christians are expected to take part in Umuganda (a government instituted public cleaning campaign that takes place every last Saturday of the month). They will do their Umuganda in Nyamirambo, where they will paint Zebra Crossings.

Irakoze, also known as Billy Jakes, said that the Youth in Praise is a social impact project through Music in which Youth are put together for social impact activities.

Irakoze started his solo career 10 years ago and since he has released 2 albums through their respective concert events. His latest concert Umunyamateka, for the launch of his second album of the same name, Billy featured one of the most energetic Worshiper, the Calvary hit maker, MRS ZAZA MOKHETI from South Africa. This happened in 2018 in Serena Hotel Kigali.

Billy Irakoze, known from his hit songs such as Hallelujah and Umunyamateka, is back with a live concert entitled youth in praise with the main objective of involving Youth more and more in the ministry of praise and worship.