Spread The Good News, not just miraculous news

“You will have travels in the near future. You are promoted at workplace, your business is expanding soon, you are getting VISA to USA, UK….. you are going to get a new job.”The sentences  are common sayings of some preachers these days.

Stop telling people miraculous news,tell good news. Stop providing wants, provide needs. No innovation in the word of God.

One day, in the midnight around 2:30 AM, I lost sleep woke up. It was not usual. I tried to forget all the previous day’s activities in order to sleep,  but failed. I started thinking about my job and got some insights. I believed it was fine but still no sleep.

I found it unusual. Remembering that everything has a reason, I asked God. “God what do you want me to do?” I knelt down on my bed and started praying. I thanked God for what he does for me and his protection for me and my family. As I concluded, I asked God to use me as a chosen tool.

I said, “God, tell me what you want me to do, I am here Lord, use me.”

In my mind came words I wrote above that these days preachers are spreading miraculous news, but they have forgotten good news about Jesus.

I took my mobile phone and wrote down. Again, ….telling people miraculous news these are their wants but preachers should know what people need.

I got it that some preachers are bringing innovations in the scriptures to make names for  themselves. I felt to tell them that the word of God does not need innovations.

In my mind came that verse of a woman who met Jesus at the well and got surprised to hear Jesus revealing everything she did secretly. The woman went back to tell people what Jesus did.

Then, I was asked to tell preachers to focus on what Jesus did (witnessing the work of Jesus to die on the cross so that people repent and receive Him). When people receive Jesus, they will be able to list themselves future promises of God.

Your testimonies about Jesus can save thousands.

Message whose sender was inspired during the night.