Pictures:Tonzi takes charity to children with mental disabilities

Clementine Uwitonze, a gospel musician commonly known as Tonzi, has on Thursday visited and supported children living with mental disability at Brothers of Charity HVP Gatagara in Ndera Sector.

The centre in Gasabo District takes in young people living with mental disabilities and is currently home to 82 children.

The relief was part of “Birashoboka Dufatanyije,” an initiative designed to support children living with disabilities. The initiative started in 2012.

Tonzi’s friend Mariam Nteziyaremye, a Rwandan singer based in Belgium, among other local gospel artistes, and parents were present during the event.

Uwitonze reflected on some families that consider disabled children as burdens, saying that no human being is a burden. She added that disabled children are like others.

“Our task is to show love for all. God gave us talents for social benefits. People should avoid misconceptions that disabled children are less important. Our talents are the keys provided to open many doors for ourselves and others. We should be characterised with kind love and be supportive,” Uwitonze said.

She called everyone to be supportive to needy people especially children with disabilities because they are part of future generation of the country and the world in general.

Pelagie Mukayiranga’s four year child has been accommodated at the center for two years.

Mukayiranga expressed her gratitude that she is thankful to God to see her kid’s conditions improving.

During the visit, Tonzi donated an assortment of supplies required at the centre as well as foodstuff.

Salim Elissam Ntibanyendera, the Coordinator of Brothers of Charity HVP Gatagara in Ndera, thanked the organisers for the support saying that the relief shows kind love and it will help the center to improve the services provided to the children.

Salim Elissam Ntibanyendera, the Coordinator of Brothers of Charity HVP Gatagara in Ndera explains to the guest about the center

The center showcases locally made products produced there

Brian Blessed performs his popular song “Dutarame”

CJohn Mugabo performs his new song “Wambereye Mwiza”

Tonzi during an interview 

Brian Blessed, Tonzi and CJohn Mugabo

The children exhibit their locally made products 

Brian Blessed performed to entertain the children

Tonzi and MarriamTonzi entertains the children at the center