Tonzi calls on gospel artistes to be united, fight copyright infringement ahead of her new album

Clementine Uwitonze known by her stage name Tonzi has called on fellow gospel artistes to support each other, be united and fight copyright infringement, which hinders the development of music as an industry.

Tonzi delivers the message while talking about her latest album, the seventh, released. Titled, Akira, the album is composed of 15 songs that are written in different languages, Kiswahili, English, French, and Zulu.

She said that gospel artistes should support one another for sustainable development of the industry as well as being watchful to ensure that no friend’s products are illegally copied.

Tonzi’s contribution to the development and visibility of gospel industry is exceptional.

Uwitonze continues to show her ability and commitment to the growth of gospel music industry in the country as she releases the seventh album.Also, over the weekend she released a new video of Amatsiko song.

To her development, Tonzi has featured various renowned gospel artistes across the continent in her songs.

Talking to the Gospel Time Rwanda, Tonzi said that her latest album carries the message of recognizing God’s works.

“I released the album thank God and remind people about God’s power and love. I could not find anything else to give my Savior. I have seen God’s mercy upon me.This album was to show my recognition of God’s love upon me. Sometimes we lack words to use to express His love. My thanksgiving was in the songs,” she said.

In addition to her career, Tonzi has dedicated her time and resources to supporting children with disability to integrate them in the society.

Last year together with other friends, Tonzi organised Spread Love Christmas to celebrate with children with disabilities.