Redeemed Christian Church donates cattle, health insurance to Bugesera, Gasabo residents

The Redeemed Christian Church of God Rwanda (RCCG) on Tuesday donated 6 dairy cows to needy families and paid health insurance for 600 beneficiaries of Bugesera and Gasabo Districts.

The residents who benefited from the donation were selected from Nyamata, Remera and Gikomero sectors.

Ayobami Oladapo, the National Coordinator of Redeemed Christian Church of God Rwanda, said that the relief was a part of the church’s regular “Corporate Social responsibilities” programme where they focus on assisting and helping people in the community.

“Our activity aims to make our church relevant to the community. No one should be selfish with what God has given them. Every needy person should also benefit from our possessions,” he said.

Ayobami expects that cattle will help the beneficiaries earn money by selling milk, and gradually help them to improve their welfares. Each can produce 20 litres of milk per day.

He added that Bible encourages every Christian to take care of their neighbors and share what they have.

Innocent Mushenyi, the Executive Secretary of Nyamata sector, thanked the Church saying that the support contributes to the government’s programmes.

Mushenyi called on the church to keep on focusing on improving the community’s living conditions.

Currently, health insurance subscription stands 90 per cent in Nyamata sector.

Celestin Rwabusaza, one of the beneficiaries who get a cow, was pleased to receive the donation, adding that the family will also benefit in the form of increased crop productivity as a result of manure from the cow.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God has also promised to support the renovation of houses for Nyamata residents.

Ayobami Oladapo gives a checque to the official in charge of Social Affairs in Remera Sector.

Ayobami Oladapo talks to the media

Executive Secretary of Nyamata sector shakes a hand of Ayobami Oladapo after receiving the checque