Rev. Ndagijimana elected new AEBR legal representative,urged to fight false teachings

By Sam Mujyanama

Reverend Emmanuel Ndahijimana has been elected as a new legal representative for the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda (AEBR) for five year- term.

Ndagijimana’s appointment took place on April 19th this year replacing Reverend Corneille Munyamasoko Gato who has been serving the church since 2013.

The newly-elected representative becomes the eight since the church’s inception in 1967.

During the enthroning ceremony that recently took place at Kigali Cultural and Exhibition village, Ndagijimana promised to productively serve the church, adding he will focus on fighting against false teachings that are rampant nowadays.

“I pray that our Christians grow. We want to focus on teaching them the scripture. When the Christians are not mature, they can be misled easily. Thus, we have a lot to do to ensure they are well-equipped,” he said.

The ceremony was witnessed by huge crowd of the church followers among other guests.

Bishop John Rucyahanga was the preacher during the event.

In his sermon, Rucyahana encouraged the new representative to be more archetypal and never be weakened by challenges in the duties.

He also advised him not to fear but believe in God and pray unceasingly to accomplish the duties effectively.