Presbyterian youth pays health insurance for 10 subscribers during Umuganda

By Samuel Mujyanama

Youth from Kabeza based Presbyterian Church paid health insurance for 10 subscribers from Karama cell in Kanombe sector.

The relief was delivered on Saturday during a monthly communal work (Umuganda) where the youth joined the residents of Kanombe in cleaning activities within the community.

The youths are from a gospel group, “Trinity worship team” that ministers through praise and worship.

The participants also donated kits for hygiene and more financial support to some residents in the area including a disabled.

The beneficiaries welcomed the support thanking the providers.

“I am so glad for the support. The activity means a lot to me and shows me how other people especially youth always think of needy people. The team is not ministering in songs only, but the support shows that their evangelism is also practical,” one of the beneficiaries said.