Pictures,Videos: After releasing her first album, Canada-based Mushimiyimana sets for a concert in Rwanda

Gentille Mushimiyimana has expressed her gratitude ahead of the recent released album, revealing that her next one will take place in Rwanda.

Mushimiyimana has on October 20 launched her debut album titled Witinya.  The show which attracted huge crowd took place at 6315-199 street NW in Canada.

She described the show to be more amazing and successful. “I was so excited and very happy. I was so amazed and grateful about Misigaro’s performance. He came to the stage surprisingly from the public where he was. I appreciated the way the audience enjoyed my show.”

The show featured other energetic performances by Ange Rwigamba, Nice Ndatabaye, and Etienne Nkuru who strongly thrilled the audience.

The 7-track album is composed of Mwami Ndaje, Wastahili ft BKY, Nyemerera, Witinya, Muriwe, Lift him up and Ubuhungiro.

Mushimiyimana prays from Canada based Fresh Manna fellowship of Edmonton. She started to sing at age of 12 in Burundi and so far she has featured renowned gospel artistes such as Israel Mbonyi, Gentil Misigaro, and Appolinaire.

She is fond of Rwandan needy families especially patients, and she will be allocating her resources raised from concert to comfort them.

Mushimiyimana also expressed her gratitude to the attendees, fellow artistes and facilitators of the show.