Over 30 pastors conclude Bible training

By Sam Mujyanama

36 pastors have been trained in religious-related courses. A week-long exercise took place at Nyarugenge based Baptist church.

The government recently enacted a law which set a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology or any related field as requirement for preachers, something that has pushed churches to work hard to upgrade their pastors who do not meet such requirements.

According to the trainees, the exercise will help them to deliver what is right to the church.

The exercise was organised by Global Baptist Training Foundation that has its Headquarters in the Unites States of America in Florida.

Pastor Jean Marie Vianney Ndakaza believes that the knowledge gained will improve leadership in the church as well as sharing what is right to the people instead of misleading them.

“The skills will enable us to fight against the false teachings that are rampant nowadays. It will help us to deliver productive sermons to the Christians,” Tharcisse Sekama said

Episcopal Denis Rutayigirwa, a legal Representative of the Union of Baptist Churches of Rwanda, appreciate the move of training Pastors in theology, adding that such skills enable them to fulfill God’s mission effectively.

He noted that the Baptist pastors who have been trained will play a vital role in fighting against the false teachings.

“The government has requested us to have a well-trained Pastor. It is also a good way for us. They have callings but they need more training. Nowadays, the Christians are misled by false teachers. The trainings will help the pastors to understand well the scripture, Rutayigirwa added.

The trainer Dr Bruce, the Director of Global Baptist Ministry from Florida, said that the ministry’s mission is to equip pastors worldwide.

Ep Denis and Dr Bruce