Pictures: Testimonies, messages of hope as Mucyo Sabine laid to rest

The late Sabine Mucyo Gashayija, who succumbed to a prolonged illness, was yesterday laid to rest at Rusororo Cemetery, in Gasabo District.

Family, friends among other relatives paid their last respects in a ceremony held at Bethesda Holy Church in Gisozi where the deceased was serving as a protocol.

The ceremony featured testimonies of parents, the mates at church, work as well her husband.

All the speakers sent condolence messages to comfort the deceased’s family.

Bishop Albert Rugamba of Bethesda Holy Church hailed the deceased as a woman of honor and dignity who served her church with full commitment and dignity.

At work, she was said to demonstrate selflessness and great courage. She was so sociable and peace promoter.

Also, her protocol team does not believe to get any other person to replace her in the duties.

Delivering the sermon drawn from the book of Acts to thousands of people who thronged at the church, Rugamba said that the deceased had done what she was supposed to do with accountability and now she has gone.

He comforted the congregation that Mucyo will resurrect and will be seen again.

Mucyo Gashayija Sabine, 29, was born on September 4, 1989 and died on October 4, 2018.

Mucyo studied at Gisozi Primary school and attended secondary level at Mugonero and Gitwe.

The deceased held a Master’s Degree in International Business she got from India. She was an employee at Bolore Logistics.

Caleb Uwagaba’s message

My Dear Mucyo, I wonder, Darkness doesn’t come in the absence of light? Darkness does not allow us to see our direction? Mucyo, you might have not forgot that we promised each other to have our children together-Ineza Mucyo Gaella and Gabiro Mucyo Gael. Your aspiration was that our children might be born with the similar face of mine but with discipline like you. You have gone, where will they come from? Do you remember that we have planned to thank God on Wednesday during mothers’ prayers at church? Honey, is it possible that we will not sing anymore together before we sleep? You said good bye to me before but I did not guess and finally it happens. How will I write our book about hundred days of marriage when you are not around? How will I fill its pages in your absence?

Mucyo died from University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK).She got married to Joseph Caleb Uwagaba-one of the most influential and impactful personalities in Rwandan Gospel industry, in March 3 this year.

All pictures by Moses