Why Pastor Rutayisire’s reaction over the ‘Gitwaza Challenge’ called wise?

There is a saying by Bernice Johnson Reagon that “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.”

This can be compared to the situations in which Apostle Dr.Paul M. Gitwaza was in few days ago.

Another saying goes: “A wise man makes his own decisions; an ignorant man follows the public opinion.”

This shows how the words of Canon  Dr.Antoine Rutayisire, the pastor at EAR Remera, were delivered wisely.

Apostle Dr Paul Gitwaza has been a general topic on social media and everyone has been an active debater about the issue.

Gitwaza is the Founder and International President of Authentic World Ministries and senior pastor at the Kicukiro-based Zion Temple Celebration Center.

His case has been trending on social media, especially on Twitter, after a video sermon in which the Apostle told his congregation that there was no better prophet than him in the whole of Africa.

The video was too short compared to the entire sermon that took more than two hours. Many people failed to watch the entire video and raised critics basing on the short one shared on social media.

After the trend, a short record of Pastor Antoine Rutayisire has been shared on social media with a wise controversy.

Rutayisire said that, “These days, there is a brother of mine who many of you have criticized. I wished everyone understood the entire message of his sermon. He was reacting to some critics and you took advantage of him. I don’t want to reveal his name; everyone who is active on social media should know him.”

He explained: “On my side, He (Gitwaza) is among the people I respect in this city. He is a true servant of God because he is innocent of what they forge against him. Let me reveal his name and you are free to keep on recording…

He added: “If there is a servant of God who is not thirsty for money in this city, it is Apostle Gitwaza. I am his witness. If there is a servant of God who can’t be involved in conflicts, Gitwaza is the best”.

Rutayisire stressed:“He is among the servants of God who are filled with Holy Spirit but the public has been critising him and shock him more. Also, he delivered the sermon as result of his previous chocks he had faced.”