Rehoboth Ministries’ annual gospel show is back

Rehoboth Ministries is in the final preparations of their annual special show dubbed “Praise and worship explosion” that aims to provide a moment for gospel fans to rejoice and entertain with the ministry.

The show which is free for entrance scheduled to take place October 7 at Bethesda Holy Church in Gisozi starting from 3 pm.

According to Patrick Munini, the president of Rehoboth Ministries said that the Ministry organises this annual show as part of celebrating and enjoying praise and worship moment with their fans.

“In a year, it may happen that we host a gospel event. For instance, we can launch a new album but praise and worship explosion is commendable to happen. We sometimes receive messages from our fans telling us that we seem to be so quiet. Thus, we initiated the annual show to satisfy our fans as well as ministering the people,” Munini explained.

The event will feature popular gospel artistes including Alarm Ministries, Healing worship Team and Sauti Hewani choir.

The preacher during the show is Pastor Salomon Kanyeshyamba of Wells Salvation Church based in Remera.

Rehoboth Ministries was established in August, 1994 and boosts 7 albums. Currently, it has over 70 singers.