We are here to refine young talents, give our slice to the progress of gospel music -Trinity worship center

Trinity worship center is one of the newest gospel music groups whose objectives and visions aim to see a significant change in the Christian music industry by promoting the sense of worship.

Established with 30 members in July this year, the group has now reached to 80 members who dedicated their knowledge and efforts to serve God through music.

The center is based in Kanombe at Eglise Presbyteliene au Rwanda.

The name “Trinity” was drawn from Matthew 28:19.The verse says about Holy Trinity.

According to Peter Mugwaneza, the group president, true worship should be done in truth and in the Holy trinity (in the Father, in the son and in the Holy Spirit).

“We want to see Christians worshipping in trinity as we spread the Gospel through Songs, arts, different talents and other possible areas of our life. We were born to serve the Lord,” he said.

The group will be organising concerts, gospel talent shows and tours the country. They also plan to establish their own recording studio.

“We are planning to keep on writing and releasing songs, hosting concerts, organising national, regional and International tours to spread the word of God through songs.  We want to create a platform for worshippers. Among other plan include gospel talent shows as well as establishing our own recording studio,”

Mugwaneza added: “Prayers and word of God are the essence of our song composition. We get inspired by the word of God and our message delivered in the songs is based on the scripture. We sing the powerful name of God that brings transformation among the people.”