Word of God through Sports: Ambassadors Football children celebrate Peace Day

Over 100 children aged between 6-14 on Saturday gathered at Isoko y’Urwa Gasabo Stadium in Rutunga sector, Gasabo District to celebrate the International Peace Day through football games.

This year’s International Day of Peace was celebrated on September 21, Friday.

The event was organised as an opportunity for children to learn about peace and their role in promoting peace in their homes.

Under the theme “Play by promoting peace in the family“, the event was organised by the Pentecostal Church in Rwanda (ADEPR) through football ambassadors programme that aims at teaching children the word of God through sports.

Video: Children under football ambassadors programme that aims at teaching children the word of God through sports dance Mana Urera song by True Promises.

According to Pastor Jean Paul Seneza, country coordinator of the programme, the event helps to instill in the children the spirit of being peace promoters in their homes, school and everywhere they go.

“This is an activity that teaches children about peace in the family. Sports are a good tool to attract many children. The Bible says that children should be taught at early age and that’s our intentions. We want to equip children earlier so that they group with cultural and religious values,” Seneza said.

He added that teaching young children principles of peace in the family will help to fight domestic conflicts and violence.

“When a family lives in conflict this affects children to lose hope for their future. Family disputes result in increasing the numbers of street children. Through the scripture, children can be taught and guided earlier. The future of families as well as the country relies on effective care of children,” he insisted.

Seneza advised parents to instill the cultural values among children earlier.

“Nowadays, children are left behind because parents are always busy. We encourage parents to care enough their children because they are the future of our country,” he said.