True Promises, Rehoboth’s Drum player Ben joins gospel music scene

Renowned Drummer Benjamin Manirakiza joins gospel music scene promising to help people understand how to worship in spirit and in truth.

Known as Ben, the Drummer who became popular since he started playing drum in renowned Ministries including True Promises and Rehoboth has recently released his first ever song dubbed, Namenye ko uri Umwizerwa in collabo with Aline Bintu of Alarm and Rehoboth Ministries.

He started serving both Ministries since 2015.

Speaking to the Gospel Time about the new song and his vision to the scene, Ben said that the song carries the message that there is Almighty Father in Heaven who provides shelter and guidance.

Ben is the last born in the family of eight. He started singing in children’s choir when he was in Primary four. At the time, he also learnt how to play the drum until 2010 when he was promoted to play drum in church services.

“Many people don’t k now that I can sing because they always see playing the drum,” Ben said.

Besides his first song, Ben noted that he is preparing his first album.

“Featuring with Aline Bintu has made my plan great. Bintu is the worshipper I do love. She is an anointed worshipper and experienced,”he added.

Reacting to his multi-tasks, Ben explained that no worry about being an artist and at the same time serving two ministries. “Being an artist will not affect my contribution to both ministries. All is to serve God. No one should worry about that.”

According to Ben, a true gospel artist should fetch their inspiration from prayers and be Christians than being musicians, having the word of God and do everything in the presence of God.

Aline Bintu