PICTURES& VIDEOS: New ADEPR Executive committee swear in

Justus Kangwagye, the Head of Political Parties and Civil Society Department at the Rwanda Governance Board, on Saturday officiated at swearing ceremony of five board members of the Pentecostal Church in Rwanda (ADEPR) whom he urged to serve the people.

Hozianna choir

The board which was appointed on March 17, 2018 is made of five-persons with Reverend Ephrem Karuranga as the head, alongside Rev. John Karangwa vice-representative in charge of church’s social welfare, Aurelie Umuhoza in charge of finance, Past. Paul M. Gatemberezi, general secretary and Past. Jean Paul Ntaganda, the advisor in finance department.

In his remarks during the event held at Kigali Independent University (ULK) in Gisozi, Kangwagye thanked the Pentecostal church for a significant contribution to the development of the country especially in promoting education sector.

Kangwagye told the team that they are lucky to be trusted among thousands of members in the church, adding that their leadership should be characterised by hard work and serving people.

“Our country has chosen a leadership which serves the people. You should effectively serve church members at all levels of development. In your service there is no need of fetching leadership skills else because our president has showed us the way,”Kangwagye said.

He added that the right politics is to serve people and protect their dignity.

Presenting the achievements made by the Pentecost church since 1940, Rev.Ephrem Karuranga, the representative of the church said that the church has been focus in five pillars like evangelism, education, health, economic development, and social welfares.

Established in Gihundwe, Rusizi district, the Pentecost church has now 2 million members in 424 parishes.

It has five Biblical studies schools, 158 early childhood centers, 147 primary schools and 59 secondary schools and 7 TVET schools. The church also has district hospitals in Bugesera district, Nyamasheke and Burera among other health centers.

During the term of five years, Karuranga said that they will focus on improving social welfare, supporting youth to create jobs as well as uplifting their knowledge, enhance unity and peace in the church, sensitizing followers on government programmes as well as among others.

He also added that the church will help pastors to attend schools of theology as well as improving their infrastructures to meet the required standards.

The team was elected for five year term.

Rev.Ephrem Karuranga and Rev.John Karangwa kneel as other Pastors were going to pray for them Past.Paul M GatembereziPast.Jean Paul NtagandaAurelie Umuhoza