Beauty for Ashes organises “unstoppable” concert

Popular Gospel music group, Beauty for Ashes, is set for a mega concert dubbed, “unstoppable”. It is scheduled to take place on August 4 starting 5:00 pm at Camp Kigali.

According to Olivier Kavutse, the band leader, the concert carries the message that God’s love to His people is unstoppable and none can stop His followers or believers.

Being the only single concert organised this year, Kavutse said that the event will be fantastic comparing to the previous concerts as it will feature experienced musicians.

Beauty for Ashes Band will feature an International Gospel reggae sensation, Christafari.

The reggae band has been performing in many countries around the world. It was founded in 1990 by born-again Christian Mark Mohr.

Mohr, an aficionado of Jamaican culture and reggae music, was a Rastafarian himself- mostly, he claims, because it sanctioned the frequent use of marijuana. When he first began listening to reggae, he didn’t like it, but a family vacation to Jamaica changed his perspective. By the time he recommitted to Christ and gave up ganja at a church summer camp, Mohr was well-versed in roots reggae and different dancehall styles.

Other performers include a local gospel rapper, Lady Pink, the Blessing dancers, Colombas among others.

Kavutse explained that the band preferred to invite Christafari band for their songs with transformative messages.

“The preparation of the event is going well. Our concert is expected to impact many people who will turn up because the invited team has been impacting the lives of people for many years,”

Since its inception 2010, the ‘Beauty For Ashes’ band have performed in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Canada, the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore and many other places.

Christafari band is known for its songs such as Hosanna, Here I Am to Worship, He Reigns, What A Beautiful Name, Your Beauty Chase Me, Oceans (Where Feet May Fail), He is greater than I, and Valley of Decision among others.

The entrance fee is Rwf 10,000 for VIPs and Rwf 5000 for regular.