Over 8,000 Rwandans to benefit from SOS Adventure Kigali festival

A total of 8500 Rwandans are expected to benefit from a sign and wanders festival runs July 25, Wednesday to Sunday.

The beneficiaries include 6,000 people with eye problems who will be given glasses among other more who will be treated, 1,500 families from three districts of the City of Kigali will get health insurance while 1000 children will get new shoes.

A delegation of 200 people from SOS Adventure is in Kigali to share the Gospel and pray for the sick, and conduct campaign against drug abuse. The festival is taking place at Tapis Rouge-Nyamirambo

During the festival, Rwandan youth together with their fellows from United States of America will hold a walk to fight against drug abuse.

The festival is organised by Religious organisations based in Kigali in partnership with SOS Adventures.

Addressing the media on Tuesday in Kigali, the organisers explained that through the Holy Spirit the festival brings change into the lives of Rwandans.

According to Fernando Decarvalho, the Director of SOS Adventure, the festival is a blessing to all Rwandans since the delegation brings an amazing gift which is the word of God.

“We are in the country representing Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. It is an honor to be in Rwanda. We are here to serve the people of Rwanda. We did not come to Kigali for churches but drunkards, prostitute, among other people who have not yet received Jesus into their lives,” he said.

Johannes Amritzer, Founder and Evangelist of SOS-Adventure, the former street child years back, shared the history of how he was rejected by her parents to live on streets.

“We want to give the gospel to the people who have never grown in the church. We come with the message that Jesus is alive. We believe that God is the only changer of the lives of people. We believe in fantastic miracles. There is something fantastic coming upon Rwandans. We believe to see the changes into the lives of people of Rwanda,”he said

The delegates said that they did come to Rwanda to shine or show Rwandans how amazing they are but they really believe their arrival will impart the lives of Rwandans.

Pastor Claver Kabandana, SOS Adventure country coordinator, believes that more youth addicted with drug abuse will be transformed.