Pictures: Young Christian leaders urged on integrity

Youth, the representatives of religious groups, have on Friday challenged to be characterised by integrity in whatever they do to serve significantly the people they represent.

This was during a one-day mentorship conference organised by Rabagirana Ministries.

The training was held in Kigali and brought together young leaders including pastors, representatives of ministries, businessmen, among other youth who have an influence on the majority of young generation.

Anglican Archbishop retired Onesphore Rwaje was invited to share with participants notes on mentorship programme.

Rwaje highlighted the need of mentorship programme among young leaders.

“A visionary leader who wants to bring changes should be characterised by integrity, accountability and Christian values. In today’s monetary world, people especially youth are thirsty to become rich and some of them are engaged in illegal activities. Christian youth shouldn’t believe in such ways instead they have to work hard and wait for the outcomes, ”Rwaje said.

Young leaders should know cultural and Christian values.

“Mentorship is a biblical note and we have many examples of mentees. For instance, Jesus has mentored His disciples. Everyone needs to be mentored no matter how old they are, ”he added.

According to Pastor Joseph Nyamutera, the president of Rabagirana Ministries, more efforts are needed to mentor young generation to fill life skills gap.

“In our culture, elders would sit together with young people and advise them on discipline, culture among other values. But, nowadays that culture seems to disappear. There is conflict between young and old people due to globalization,”Nyamutera said.

Miss Rwanda 2018 first Runner Up, Shannitah Umunyana, said that the future leaders need to be mentored enough, adding that learning from experienced people will help the country have well-equipped leaders in the future.

“I have learnt that mentoring is needed to become a person you want to be. Everyone should have their mentors who can help them make their dreams come true. My mother is my mentor,” Umunyana added.

Anglican Archbishop retired addressing the participants
Pastor Joseph Nyamutera, the president of Rabagirana Ministries talks to the press
Shannitah Umunyana Miss Rwanda 2018 first Runner Up attended the mentorship conference
A comedian Clapton Kibonke entertaining the participants
The New Times’ Frederic Byumvuhore asks a question.