Africa Haguruka: Congregation thanks God for last year’s presidential elections

Over 4000 participants of the 19th Africa Haguruka gospel summit have thanked God for the peaceful presidential elections the country held last year, August 4.

Organised by Zi0n Temple, the seven- day preaching summit that will have morning and evening sessions was attended by participants from various African countries including Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Botswana, and Ghana. Others include United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, USA, Canada and India.

It is held under the theme “Africa arise and guide your gates” with the message calling all Africans to stand up and join their efforts to transform their continent. The theme was drawn from the bible verse in Psalm 122:2

Pastor Duma Lopang from Botswana said that it is a privilege to convene in Kigali with many thanks that God had heard prayers and helped Rwandans to run the votes peacefully.

Lopang said that during the 18th Africa-Rise/Africa Haguruka summit the participants prayed for Rwanda to hold a successful presidential elections and God did it.

“It is wonderful to come back to Rwanda with thanksgiving. I bring love and greeting from Botswana. God has been blessing both Countries-Rwanda and Botswana. Our history in our economy is the same,” he said.

“Last year, we prayed for safe elections in Rwanda and God heard our prayers. I believe that after election Rwandans had time to thank God. God is blessing Rwanda and the whole continent. We should stand up and give thanks to Him,”

Lopang asked the congregation to pray for other African countries that are going to have elections this year so that God will do the same as He did in Rwanda.

In his message to welcome the guests on Sunday at IPRC-Kigali stadium in Kicukiro, Apostle Dr Paul Gitwaza of Zion Temple said that the period is a good time for the participants to share thoughts on how all Africans should join hands to serve their continent successfully.

Also, participants will learn from the seven mountains of influence such as Politics, Business, Education, Health, Sports among others to enable them to bring impacts within the mountain of their interest.

Gitwaza said that it’s high time that all Africans changed their directions and focused on their continent to rebuild and develop it.

The summit will end on July 15.

Apostle Dr Paul Gitwaza of Zion Temple said that it’s time for Africans to protect the gates of the continent. Azaph Music International perform at the summit Azaph Ubumwe welcomed the guests with traditional dance Pastor Duma Lopang from Botswana