PICTURES: Healing Worship Team brings revellers to their feet

Kigali Conference and Exhibition Center was full to the capacity as Healing worship Team launched their fourth video album titled, Mwami Iyo Wavuze during an energetic live concert.

The concert, which started at 3p.m, attracted people from all walks of life who thronged a big tent of KCEC known as Camp Kigali. The event uplifted the spirits of many as they were serenaded to worship songs and most could be seen raising their hand in reverence and adoration to the Lord.

Gisubizo Ministries, True Promises and Alarm Ministries took the stage to bring gospel lovers to a high praising spirit before the long-awaited Healing worship team took place.

Israel Mbonyi followed Healing worship Team on stage with his popular songs such as Ibihe, Hari Ubuzima among others.

In his sermon, Pastor Collins from Kenya said that true praise and worship comes from hearts.

“Our hearts must align with the heart of God during praise and worship. God needs what is in the heart beyond the music and words, ”Collins said.

The launched video album features songs like Byose byarakozwe, Atatimiza, Urufatiro, Mwenye uwezo, Ntamisozi, Alijitowa msalabani, Nukuri Turakomeye, Data wo mw’ ijuru, Mwami icyo Wavuze, Mbali na kelele, and Ntibyari byoroshye.

The concert ended around 8:45 pm.

Israel Mbonyi Patient Bizimana and Charles Mazeze,Alarm Ministries representativePatient Bizimana attended the show Gisubizo Ministries on stageTrue Promises Ministries on stageAlarm Ministries on stage  Healing worship team on stage The show attracted thousands of believers  Healing worship entertained the audience in energetic performance