Mwami Icyo Wavuze concert: Healing Worship Team ready to serve you

Gospel lovers have many reasons to take a portion of their savings and pay tickets to go to Healing Worship Team concert scheduled for June 24.

Only Rwf 160,000 is enough for 8 people to share the same table, while Rwf 10,000 can serve you with a better seat in the hall. If that is hard for you, Rwf 5,000 can help you not to miss this mega concert.

According to Muhoza Budete Kibonke, the message of the concert is that whoever believes in Jesus Christ is so strong and nothing can shake them.

Kibonge said: “despite storms, Christians keep moving.” “I encourage everyone to attend and rejoice with us.”

Titled, “Mwami Icyo Wavuze,” this fourth video album features songs like Byose byarakozwe, Atatimiza, Urufatiro, Mwenye uwezo, Ntamisozi, Alijitowa msalabani, Nukuri Turakomeye, Data wo mw’ ijuru, Mwami icyo Wavuze, Mbali na kelele, and Ntibyari byoroshye.

Israel Mbonyi, Alarm Ministries, True Promises Ministries and Gisubizo Ministries will perform during the concert starting at 3:00 pm at Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village (Camp Kigali.)

Gisubizo Ministries 

Israel MbonyiAlarm MinistriesTrue Promises Ministries