Rev. Natasha’s prayer for women in Rwanda

Rev. Lucy Natasha who has been in Kigali for three days of ministering has prayed for women in Rwanda before flying back to Nairobi.

The anointed and popular female pastor attended a three day conference organised by Zoe Family Ministries.

The preacher said that to rise the woman is to rise the nation, and when the woman is empowered, generation is empowered too.

Rev. Lucy Natasha is the founder and chief of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International. In addition to preaching the gospel, the blessed female pastor is also an author.

Pastor highlighted the importance of women that they are warriors, organisers, managers, and administrators.

“My prayer to Rwanda is that God may raise women like Deborah, women who will serve God without fear. Women like Queen Sheba, Esther among other female heroes in the Bible. I hope that God is raising blessed women in Rwanda, they will never remain behind,” Natasha said.

God has called women in a corporate world and they should shine there. If God called a woman in a business world, I encourage her to shine there, she added.

My message to all Rwandans is that they should go back to the place of prayer. “Rwandans have been praying but they should pray again. Let prayer becomes our lifestyle because a prayer leads to powerful life.”

Through her book, “Touching Heaven through Prayer, secret of prayer warrior,” the author has shared personal testimony of how prayer has impacted her life.

“I believe you can preach and perish but you can’t pray and perish because prayer is communion with God, prayer is fellowship with God, is the meeting point between divinity and humanity. So, I believe in the power of prayer that’s why I wrote the book because also Jesus Christ who is our role model in the ministry was the man of prayer.”

Esperance Buriza, the president of Zoe Family Ministries that hosted Rev.Natasha and her team, encouraged young ladies to learn from Rev. Natasha, dedicate their time serving God and keep on believing in Almighty Father in Heaven.

Who is Rev. Lucy Natasha?

Rev.Lucy Natasha is a minister of the Gospel with a passionate commitment to empower her generation through the power of the Gospel.

She has ministered extensively in the United States of America, Africa, United Kingdom, and in the Middle East in meetings such as Conferences, Seminars, and Gospel Festivals.

Many more people have been reached through books, media outreach and also via online platforms. She is the President of Dr.Lucy Natasha Ministries International which has its Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

Rev.Natasha’s protocol team in KigaliMany people attended the conference at Serena Hotel,Kigali.Esperance Buriza, the president of Zoe Family Ministries that hosted Rev.Natasha and her team.