“Izahabu Ihishe Mu Muryango,” a book for you

Jackie Mukabaramba presenting the book.

Jackie Mukabaramba’s first book “Izahabu Ihishe Mu Muryango” which can loosely be translated “the Hidden Gold in the Family” has been embraced by many readers after it had been launched few days ago.

The book narrates Mukabaramba’s account of life in her family detailing how under the family a child can grow with Godly values and how husbands and wives should live in love in accordance to God’s plan towards the family.

The author recounts that God has chosen the framework of the family to help everyone understands authority and His plan in their lives. “The structure of the family is vital to so many other laws, principles and teachings in the Bible. If it is so important, it is also important to understand what God’s plan for the family is so that we can understand the rest of His Word as it applies to us today.”

Mukabaramba who got married to James Nirere with three children decided to write a book to educate and reveal to both Christian and non-Christian families about God’s plan for the family.

The book which is written in Kinyarwanda language with subtitles inside has 100 pages.

Launching the book recently at Kigali Convention Center, the author explained that family is the central of the society and that without peaceful families neither country nor church can progress.

In the books’ preface the authors listed the themes such as who am I? Why marriage and how is it done? What does humbleness among spouses contribute to the family? Why is sexual intercourse the pillar of the family? Regular discussions in families and conclusion.

The author described the book to bear richness that is transformative to the people’s lives.

Also, the author advised singles on effective marriage engagement.

Jackie Mukabaramba started to minister across the country since 1995.After attending workshops on Unity and reconciliation; she strove to unite conflicted families.

She went to University of the nations (discipleship training school) and then she worked as a missionary for 6 years by supporting orphans.

Mukabaramba attended various trainings about family counseling. Her experience motivated her to write a book targeting to promote harmony in families as the pillar of the society.

The cost of the book is Rwf 5,000.

Pictures describe the event to launch the book at Kigali Convention Center.

Apostle Joshua Masasu and his wife attended the event Patient Bizimana and Aime Uwimana performed during the launch.