Although your problems persist , they are not permanent-Rev.Lucy Natasha in Kigali

KENYAN Rev. Lucy Natasha, the founder and chief of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International, has reiterated her book’s message to Rwandans that no matter what circumstances or problems they are facing today, there is an end.

“Although your problems are enduring, they are not everlasting.”

The anointed preacher has delivered the message during a three-day conference dubbed “three days of Glory conference,” which run from June 1 to 3.

The conference was organised by Zoe Family Ministries and attracted people of all kinds from various Faith Based Organisations including Bishops, Pastors and worshippers.

Rwandans were glad to host the anointed preacher who shared powerful and inspiring words during her sermons.

In addition to preaching the gospel, the blessed female pastor is also an author.

So far, Natasha has written 12 books including Characteristics of a God Leading LadySecrets of a Prayer Warrior7 Keys to Success and Every Problem has an Expiry Dat.

During an interview with The Gospel Time, Natasha said that she had brought a message to Rwandans that every problem has an expiry date.

It may happen that many people are facing hard times and complicated life, but they should know that every problem has an end, she said.

“Sometimes you may go through issues and problems which are lasting but I tell people of God to know that their problems are not everlasting. Your condition is not your conclusion. So keep hope alive and know that God has plans for your life, ”Natasha said.

The preacher said: “I encourage the people who are on the verge of giving up to keep on believing for God is in control and He is going to make a way.”

Rev. Natasha appreciated the powerful time, life transformation and chains broken experienced during the conference.

Expressing her feelings towards the country of Rwanda, Rev. Natasha said: “I was so blessed to be in Kigali. I love Rwanda, the country of thousand hills with beautiful people. This is one of the countries that personally travelled to together with my protocol team and my biological mother .Rwanda is beautiful, a clean nation and I thank God for Rwanda. While in Rwanda we have felt at home away from home.”