PICTURES: Brian Blessed reacts to “Again and Again” concert

It was long-awaited show everyone in the country and abroad would wish to attend. This was “Again and Again” concert organised by Brian Blessed.

Despite other concerts across the City on Sunday, Brian’s show was well attended by local gospel enthusiasts and foreigners. The show was featured a weird security.

Taking place at ParkIn hotel by Radisson in Kiyovu, the show which was supposed to start at 5:00 pm delayed until 7:30 due to technical issues.

The Gospel Time website has learnt that this is not the only show delayed as the issue of  lack of time management has been occurred in several shows.

Reacting to the concert, Brian said that his dreams about the concert came true.

“I am grateful to God that my concert went well. My dreams came true. I am thankful to those who turned up for my concert. I noticed that people love my music not even only Rwandans but also western people. I have realized that my music has crossed to overseas which I am grateful for because the message has gone far,”he said

Apology for delay and deprived service

“I would like to issue a sincere apology to our fans and friends for errors in the concert such as  delaying to start which we had no control because electricity went off. Again, when it came back it burnt the mixer which took some hours to replace it,”he explained.

Brian also apologised for poor service given to the people assuring them that this won’t happen anymore.

Message to believers

“My message to gospel lovers is that they keep supporting gospel activities. They should attend gospel shows and buy artists’products,”he added.

The launched album carries the message of hope and is composed of eight songs.

The concert also featured performances of other gospel artists including Patient Bizimana, Tonzi, Billy Jakes, Beauty for Ashes, Christian Birimbere and the blessing family.