For God’s grace I survived- says Jehovah Jireh’s Uwamahoro

Despite several groups of killers among other attacks, Lillianne Uwamahoro whose eight family members were killed during 1994 genocide against Tutsi attributed her survival to the grace of God. She was rescued by a man who was accommodated by her parents before they were killed.

Narrating her story, Uwamahoro who is a member of a renowned ULK Choir-Jehovah Jireh said that the man whom her parents supported to get housing rescued and protected her. During 1994 genocide against Tutsi she was 8 year old.

“Whatever you do today, bad or good will bear fruits tomorrow or next tomorrow, ”Uwamahoro said meaning that she was rescued by the man accommodated at her home.

The survivor lives in Kigali with 2 children and the husband.

Reflecting to the past she advised everyone to strive for doing what is good and supportive to other people’s lives.

Some days before April 7, people from Kibuye fled to Kigali escaping the successive massacres in the region.

“One man from Kibuye came home and asked for shelter. He spent some days at my home before joining other refugees’camp,”she said.

One night, Uwamahoro family was attacked and her father was killed on spot.Althougth other family members tried to escape, they later got killed.

Escaping the killings, Uwamahoro later met the man whom parents provide lodge to spend some days for protection. The man knew Uwamahoro and welcomed her.

The man promised Uwamahoro to do whatever he could to protect her group of killers. This was the outcomes of what Uwamahoro family did for the man.

For God’s grace, Uwamahoro Lillianne survived.

Whenever Uwamahoro shares her testimony, Uwamahoro advises people to live in harmony and love each other. She also encourages to be characterised by kind hearts.

Story written by Samuel Mujyanama