We were created to glorify God, Apostle Dr Gitwaza

Apostle Dr Paul Gitwaza of Zion Temple has preached that God had created man for a special purpose of glorifying Him.

Apostle Gitwaza was on Sunday delivering the sermon to thousands of believers turned up for Turakomeye concert in Kigali organised by a renowned Alarm Ministries. He said that although God is super power, He could not glorify Himself. That’s the reason why He had created us to acknowledge His marvelous works.

Apostle Dr Paul Gitwaza reading the Bible before preaching.

Gitwaza said that God is happy with pure and humble hearts.

“Glorifying God should be done in genuine manner. Some people are twisted by various things that prevent them from glorifying God. You should remove all barriers and be free to glorify the creator, ”he said.

Charles Mazeze, Alarm Ministries’Legal Representative addressing the audience

He added that on this world some people love to be glorified for their big titles, yet the purpose of man on this world is not to glorify other people but only God.

True glory comes from pure hearts and such hearts are aesthetic to God, he preached.

Gitwaza told the believers that they are God’s fans and lovers and that the purpose of their salvation is to glorify the creator, Almighty Father in Heaven.

Bishop Innocent Rugagi of Redeemed Gospel church was among very important people attended the concert.

Bishop Innocent Rugagi of Redeemed Gospel Church attended the concertAlarm Ministries concert attracted thousands of peopleAudience enjoyed the concert