Evening of Praise : True Promises Ministries to stage free concert

True Promises Ministry has organised an evening of praise concert to thrill gospel enthusiasts as part of marking the end of a systematic bi-annual occasion of 21 days of fasting. The concert is scheduled on March 25 at Kimisagara based Restoration Church starting at 2:00 pm.

True Promises Ministries on stage.

The live concert will bring together other gospel music groups including Kingdom of God Ministries, Glory of God choir, Shekinah, Urugero Music group and Abayumbe.

True Promises Ministries during last year’s perfomance at Bethesda Holy church in Gisozi.

The evening of praise will be held under the theme, “fasting that God choses,” biblically referenced to the book of Isaiah 58:6.

According to True Promises Ministries Legal representative, Bonke Mbonigaba, the ministry is glad to bring the evening of praise to all believers- to recognise Almighty Father’s grace and mercy into their daily lives through praising songs.

True promises Ministries