Mwami Icyo Wavuze live Concert: Healing worship team to feature renowned gospel teams

Healing worship team is set to launch its fourth album titled, “Mwami Icyo Wavuze,” which can loosely be translated ‘Lord, what you have said.’

Healing Worship Team during last year’s perfomances at Bethesda Holy Church in Gisozi

The launch which is scheduled on March 4 will bring together local gospel celebs including Alarm Ministries, True Promises Ministries, Gisubizo Ministries, Kingdom of God Ministry, Light Gospel Choir and Irene Gabby Kamanzi.

Alarm Ministries will be there

The Mega concert will start from 2:00 pm at Bethesda Holy Church in Gisozi and Rev.Rutayisire Antoine will minister during the show. The entrance is free.

True Promises Ministries will perform during Mwami Icyo Wavuze live concert

The choir’s 11track album features songs like Byose byarakozwe,Atatimiza,Ni Ukuri turakomeye,Nta misozi,Urufatiro,Mbali na kelele,Icyo wavuze,Alijitowa msalabani,Data wo mu ijuru,Ntibyaribyoroshye, and Mungu ni mwenye uwezo.

Gisubizo Ministries will be there

According to Kibonge Muhoza, the team is well prepared for the concert and they believe that God will do marvelous works during the show.

“The concert will be so cheery due to our songs’ messages. Also, other anointed worshippers will also perform their charming songs. I encourage everyone to respect time,”he added.

Last year, the team launched its latest third album “Mana Imbaraga Zawe” which included popular songs such as Amba hafi, Mana Imbaraga zawe, Inzira z’ Imana, Ibiriho Ubu, and Yaturemeye kumuhimbaza, among others.

Healing Worship Team is a choir at Power of Prayer Church in Kicukiro and was established in 2009.

Light Gospel Choir will be there
Healing Worship Team during last year’s album launch at Restoration Church in Kimisagara.

Alarm Ministries will be there

True Promises Ministries will be there