We need effective operations among Religious groups-Prof .Shyaka

Rwanda Governance Board is in a continuous process to oversee operations of Faith Based Organisations across the country to end malpractices, illegalities and inappropriate activities that are currently rampant and rising in the organisations.

So far over 700 churches have been registered countrywide, about the same number of FBOs operate without registration. The rise of Faith Based Organisation in the country was said to coincide with the current law which simplifies the way of starting a new church in the country.

According to Rwanda Governance Board officials, the increase has caused some bad conducts which need to be solved as soon as possible.

Prof. Anastase Shyaka, the chief executive of RGB said: “Every Rwandan has the right to belong to a church of their choice. The contribution of Faith Based Organisations to Rwanda’s development is commendable. But, there are still disorderly and unlawful activities in some churches. We have to address that.”

The board has so far drafted a new law to govern FBO’s operation and the new law will be effective since March 1.

“Some churches conduct their worship services in shoddy and unclean structures that may harm people’s health and safety. Some are causing noise pollution and some are giving misleading sermons. This should not continue,”Prof Shyaka insisted.

Early this month till today, local leaders have been touring different parts to assess the operation of all Faith Based Organisations. Organisations which don’t meet the requirements are closed.

On Monday while addressing to the press in Kigali, Prof Shyaka told the journalists that the government is surprised with unexpected conducts among religious groups. “FBO are key government’s partners in the development of the country. But, some had replaced their core values with wrong conducts. It is amazing.”

Also, the officials have expressed a need for religious leaders to acquire training in theology.

People have been sharing their views on the move by Rwanda Governance Board.

“Who is qualifying a spiritual leader? God or a theological institution? If that’s the case then the Christian faith is illegal as the apostles did not go to any theological institutions, they were “without instruction” but God instructed and used them. Let’s “render unto Cæsar the things that are Cæsar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” Let’s be careful in dictating the faith of our citizen, it’s more complex than that,” a reader commented on a recent published article at a local media house.

Another comment came: “Great development. I have always argued that in much the same way as people can’t entrust their physical life to an unqualified medical practitioner, they should not entrust their spiritual health to an unqualified spiritual director. Calling must be followed by training.”