What are lessons learnt from Healing Worship Team tour to Akagera National Park.

It was early morning, around six o’clock, on Saturday, when a group of 48 worshippers from the popular worship team “Healing” departed from Kigali to Akagera National Park in Eastern Province.

Kigali to Akagera National Park trip took the team approximate four hours. The team reached 10:00 am and the Akagera Management team has exceptionally welcomed them.

The aim of the tour, according to Kibonge Muhoza, one of the staff, was to relax, refresh minds celebrating the achievements made previously, adding that the tour also came as an opportunity for the team to prepare the upcoming concert to take place in March, 4, 2018.

“It was necessary to take a rest and refresh our minds as well as keep on building friendship among team members, ”Kibonge told Gospel Time during an interview.


“We have learnt lots of things. We have discovered that we know few things about our country. We have seen diversities of birds, trees among other animals. Every citizen should be thirsty to discover the beauty of their country,” Kibonge said.

He added, “I learnt an amazing thing about elephant’s memory that it can keep in the mind the image of their enemies for 20 years. It can also guess the enemy even if he/she is among other many people.”

At the park, he himself got amazed by the lives of animals. “They live in families. It is amazing to see a male living in a group of many females and no other male can dare to intrude the group. I really enjoyed the scene.”

Ambassadors of the country

Kibonge explained that the lessons got from the tour are good weapon the team will carry once they set to minister abroad.

“We, singers, are country’s ambassadors, tomorrow or in coming years we shall minister abroad. Once this happens, we shall be ministering in the image of the country and other nations will be happy to hear from us about our country. We are ready to share the beauty of our country wherever we go across the world.”

The tour costs the team Rwf 1,650,000.

The team also took time to pray for the country so that God keeps on blessing it with peace.

Healing Worship Team is a popular choir at Power of Prayer Church in Kicukiro and was established in 2009.Since its inception, the choir has staged several concerts in the country, as well as in Burundi and in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

It is mostly known for their songs such as Calvary,Mana Imbaraga Zawe, Inzira z’ Imana, Calvary, Amba hafi, Ibiriho Ubu, and Yaturemeye kumuhimbaza among others.